Technology, Culture & Performing Arts

We have a skilled and enthusiastic team of teachers that provide all the students with a 6 – 7 week experience in: Food Technology, Visual Arts, Construction, Music, Science, Dance & Drama, Te Reo, Digital Technology

Te Reo Tikanga Māori

Kia mau ki ō tātou reo – Hold on to our language 

Through the 4 modes of language learning: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading, learners are supported to grow their capabilities and confidence in Te Reo Māori and Tikanga. The programme is an in-depth and interactive one that covers curriculum levels 1 – 4.


At Northcote Intermediate School, music education is a fundamental part of our curriculum. We believe in the power of music to inspire and enrich the lives of our students. Through our comprehensive program, students develop their ability to read music, explore different genres, and express themselves through keyboard, guitar/ukulele, and percussion instruments. Our engaging and fun approach to music instruction ensures that every student can unlock their musical potential.


Northcote Intermediate School has a remarkable Science Specialist Programme where students from all classes can participate in comprehensive sessions. These sessions cover all four areas of the Science curriculum over two years at Northcote Intermediate School, which is a great advantage for students.

Visual Art

This class is structured to provide students with ample opportunities to explore and express their creativity through various mediums in both 2D and 3D. They will be introduced to a diverse range of materials and techniques, encouraging them to experiment and engage with the creative process.

Digital Technology

This educational program emphasizes the development of crucial skills necessary for thriving in today’s digital age. Through interactive and engaging instruction, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of digital citizenship, as well as valuable experience in robotics and coding. By mastering these skills, students will be equipped to confidently navigate the online world with ease and responsibility.

Food Technology

In our Food Technology classes, students learn about cooking techniques, nutrition, food safety and experiment with new recipes.
There is a strong focus on food safety and kitchen skills. Our goal is to teach and inspire children to enjoy cooking for themselves, their friends and their whanau


In Construction, students explore methods of shaping and joining different wood types. They learn to consider the applicability of different wood materials to various purposes including how strength, aesthetics and construction techniques inform choices for wood projects. 

Students will learn the correct application and safe use of carious common hand and power tools.

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