Technology, Culture & Performing Arts

We have a skilled and enthusiastic team of teachers that provide all the students with a 6 – 7 week experience in: Food Technology, Visual Arts, Construction, Music, Dance & Drama, Te Reo, Digital Technology

Te Reo Tikanga Māori

Kia mau ki ō tātou reo – Hold on to our language 

Through the 4 modes of language learning: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading, learners are supported to grow their capabilities and confidence in Te Reo Māori and Tikanga. The programme is an in-depth and interactive one that covers curriculum levels 1 – 4.


Music comes into play in many parts of the life of Northcote Intermediate School from casual Talent Shows to formal programmes such as Wind Band, Rock Band and the specialist classroom music programme.

Every child at Northcote Intermediate School will be taught music in a classroom setting through our specialist programme. Students have fun learning the basics of reading music notation and explore creative and improvisational skills using percussion, guitar/ukulele and keyboard.

Jon Pickford runs our RockBand programme. Groups of students are auditioned and put together to form rock bands and vocal groups. They are then coached in the art of playing together and performing. Most groups will enter the Bandquest later in the year in which Northcote Intermediate School has a formidable reputation!

Cameron Allen is head of music at Northcote College and alongside Bronwyn Babbage (our Head of Music), he also coordinates our Stage Band (beginner players) and our Big Band (more advanced players).  Students have lessons on their individual instruments at an allotted time during the week (usually Mondays and Tuesdays) and come together for band practices twice a week. They have a lot of fun and sound amazing. Saxophone, trombone and trumpet are the main instruments available to learn free of charge.  Selected students who play other instruments may also join the Stage/Big Bands (e.g. drums, bass, cornet, clarinet, flute).

We also offer talent showcases and students can join Awataha Soul (choir) or Rhythm Rangatahi (drumming group).  Music is strong at Northcote Intermediate School.


Northcote Intermediate School also benefits from having a Science Specialist Programme that allows all classes to attend comprehensive lab sessions covering all four areas of the Science curriculum over their two years at Northcote Intermediate School.  

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