Severe Rain Conditions

Northcote Intermediate School is currently well however we are aware that other schools in the area have closed, and have heard reports of a number of local areas that are experiencing flooding.  Should you wish to collect your child from school early please come to reception and we will arrange for them to meet you.  Please do not park in the turning bay between 2.45 and 3.15.  Please note also that the traffic on Lake Road is currently very heavy.

 Stay safe 



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Welcome To Northcote

Intermediate School

Principal's Welcome

We are passionate about our school and welcome you to see what happens at Northcote Intermediate – the school that prepares learners for bright futures.

We offer numerous opportunities that enable students to grow as learners, leaders and citizens. As you learn more about our school you’ll notice that we have a strong sense of care for our students, a love of learning and a focus on community. Northcote Intermediate School provides outstanding opportunities for Year 7 and Year 8 students. Learning here takes place in spacious, well-resourced settings and we can offer single cell and open plan classrooms. We have a full and comprehensive specialist programme and offer students opportunities to extend their learning in a range of areas. We believe in promoting a love of learning and an interest in the local and global environment through our curriculum Integration model of learning.


Our School


Absence Reporting

If your child is sick or not  able to attend school, you can inform us by email, via the etap app or call the office on 09 481 1400, then select the option 1 


Classroom Overview

Students stay with their home class and teacher for most lessons, but may work with other teachers across different subjects.



If you have any questions or concerns about your child at school please contact your child’s teachers as soon as possible.

Northcote Intermediate

Life Skills Experience

We are fortunate enough to offer a full school camp each year. This will be a major highlight for the year and provide students with rich learning outside the classroom experiences. Students will be pushed outside their comfort zones, develop confidence and resilience, and strengthen class bonds with their peers and teachers. 

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