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at Northcote Intermediate School

We believe that sport is about the journey not the destination. We always aim to win and do our best, but never at the expense of fair play, and respecting ourselves and others.

With students of this age, we walk a tightrope between their ever-increasing desire and pressure to win, and the importance of creating and maintaining an experience where students look forward to continuing an active lifestyle at secondary school and beyond.

The feeling of winning will be temporary, but the lessons learned in sport can be used for a lifetime.

As administrators of sport, we know that it is inevitable that we will have to make difficult decisions around player selection and placement. Our community can be assured that decision making will be made with these principles at heart. Volunteer coaches and managers are vital to the success of any season. Without these offers of support we may not be able to enter teams.

Payment of Fees

The fees for seasonal sports are as follows:

Badminton (Term 3) $50
Basketball (Semester One) $135
Hockey (Terms 2 & 3) $170
Netball (Terms 2 & 3) $125
Table Tennis (Term 2) $35
Touch (Term 4) $50
Waterpolo $120 (Glenfield Competition each term), $150 (Millennium Competition each term)

Fees will be loaded onto your child’s Kindo account for payment. 

Sports on Offer in 2024

All seasonal and zone day opportunities are promoted through the daily notices with sign-ups needing to be made before the stipulated due dates. Seasonal sports and those attracting payments must be registered and paid for through the Kindo account for your child. 

AIMS Games 2024

Registrations for individual sports at AIMS Games close on 31st May. More information on this process as well as expectations can be found in our AIMS Games Newsletter #2 

Sports Information

Below is a link to our 2024 Sports Booklet. We encourage all parents/caregivers to read this as it provides key information about how sport is run at Northcote Intermediate, Fees, venues, trialing processes, AIMS, Sports Camp. 

Police Vetting

School policy is that we police vet coaches and managers responsible for seasonal sports teams who are  likely to be alone with students. This process protects both helpers, students and the school. We ask coaches and managers to download and complete the form and send it to our Sports Co-ordinator Christo Peters complete with a copy of both sides of your drivers licence. 

Should you be interested in coaching or managing a team, please register your interest with our Sports Coordinator, Christo Peters at christop@ni.school.nz. You will need to complete a Police Vetting form and send through identification.  You can download a Police vetting form here.


For all general sports enquires, please contact: 

Christo Peters – Sports Co-ordinator

email: christop@ni.school.nz
Phone 09 481 1400 ext 855

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